Consulting & Casting Simulation

Expert consulting – from the outset or on request, at any stage in the process

At Druckguss Westfalen Behringer we know that listening to and working shoulder to shoulder with customers is the only way to achieve top-quality die cast parts. That is why we attach such great importance to die casting consultant services and casting simulation.

Die casting consulting: Partnership for the perfect product

According to your needs, we are there to support you right from the initial design stage, working to achieve the optimum commercial and engineering outcome for your product. Our collaborative approach is based on mutual esteem, trust and respect. Both sides benefit equally from the result: Based on clear knowledge of your ideas, wishes and expectations, we can select exactly the right die casting solution for your product. In this way, we work in close consultation with you to develop the ideal, cost-efficient component.

Expert and results-focused: Advice when you need it

Casting simulation: From the idea to the market-ready product

Druckguss Westfalen Behringer in Velbert and Druckguss Westfalen in Geseke have the latest in-house technology to assist customers in die cast component design. We combine our capabilities to your advantage in order to eliminate weaknesses as early as possible – in fact, as early as the bid preparation stage.

Magmasoft: Top-level production optimisation

Before production starts, we simulate components using Magmasoft simulation software and then go on to design tools and optimise them in collaboration with the customer. As we implement your project, we optimise for all key parameters: application, alloy, quality and tolerance relative to other parts, service life, and any weak points with regard to the planned use.

The benefits of this methodical approach speak for themselves: We work highly efficiently right from the outset, thinking ahead with our full focus on customer needs. That saves time and money. It also conserves resources: Sustainability is a central issue for Druckguss Westfalen Behringer.

Combined capabilities: System suppliers deliver more

Druckguss Westfalen Behringer in Velbert and Druckguss Westfalen in Geseke operate together as a successful system supplier: With our large capability portfolio – from high-quality zinc die cast and aluminium die cast components and machining to surface finishing and plating for fully ready-to-fit parts – we can serve a huge variety of individual product needs.

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Rigorous focus on a single goal: Your market-ready product

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