Instrumentation & Control

Precision die casting with tested quality

The die cast products that we develop and that leave our foundry undergo rigorous inspection. We apply the same exacting standards in testing as elsewhere.

Fast and efficient: Profile projector and 3D CMM for precision control

As in the production of die cast components, we apply similarly advanced instrumentation and control technology in inspection. Alongside a Keyence 2D profile projector and measuring microscope, we have a 3D coordinate measuring machine for continuous in-process control. This provides us with rapid, reliable and meaningful results on the basis of statistical analysis.

Druckguss Westfalen: Leading with the latest I&C technology

Reliable instrumentation and control technology enables us to monitor and document all production processes. To ensure the best results, we make use of advanced X-ray equipment with integrated CT technology provided by our sister company Druckguss Westfalen. This sets us apart from many other foundries.

X-ray analysis and computed tomography: Making casting defects a thing of the past

3D X-ray computed tomography enables us to detect both material and casting defects – in time to perfect your end product. Only components that satisfy our high standards go out to our customers.