Aluminium Die Casting, CNC & More

That’s not all! Druckguss Westfalen Behringer, your system suppliers

Druckguss Westfalen Behringer has a lot more to offer. We combine our capabilities with our sister company, Druckguss Westfalen in Geseke, Westphalia. Design, component optimisation, casting simulation, CNC machining, technical cleanliness – to name just a few capabilities in our portfolio. Talk to us about your requirements.

High-performance automated die casting cells for cost-efficient production

If you are in the market for aluminium die casting and your key specifications include high strength, good mechanical and chemical properties, high conductivity, strong corrosion resistance and low weight, then our sister company Druckguss Westfalen in Geseke, Westphalia, is the foundry to serve your needs. Druckguss Westfalen’s automated die casting cells feature the latest technology and can be used to cast medium to large production runs. We have the versatility to serve a very wide range of customer needs with 26 machines featuring clamping forces of 130 to 2200 metric tons. 

Aluminium die casting: High-end products from Druckguss Westfalen

Alongside state-of-the-art technology and software, our strengths also include expert consulting in areas such as design for manufacturing (DFM). The modern logistics centre in Geseke ensures reliable on-time delivery.

CNC machining for high-quality die cast components

Druckguss Westfalen in Geseke has twelve advanced CNC machining centres to produce complex geometries. The applicable machining steps can be executed not only at high speed, but also with outstanding precision and replication accuracy. CNC machining thus has obvious advantages: it is extremely cost-effective and highly efficient.

Technical cleanliness guaranteed

Clean production is critical for our high-quality products – and standards of technical cleanliness for aluminium and zinc die cast components have risen considerably in recent years.

Minimising organic residual contamination

Druckguss Westfalen in Geseke has a separate clean section where technical cleanliness is guaranteed. The two cleaning systems notably meet the special requirements of the automotive industry and electrical engineering sectors, where particle sizes must not exceed 400 micrometres. Our sister company has comprehensively integrated these and even higher standards in relation to organic residual contamination with surface tensions exceeding 38 mNm.