Protecting the planet: Impressive environmental credentials

Environmental protection is a top priority for us because we are highly conscious of our responsibility to the environment and future generations.

Delivering on our responsibility: Resource-efficient production

We see it as our vital responsibility to optimise processes for resource-efficient production and to invest continuously in up-to-date die casting and other machinery. Energy efficiency is a key focus at Druckguss Westfalen Behringer and we work constantly to shrink our energy footprint.

SpaEfV and ISO 50001: Continuously improving energy management

Our energy management system is therefore fully compliant with SpaEfV, the German tax cap and efficiency system regulations. In fact, we aim higher still and are currently preparing to adopt a state-of-the-art, sustainable energy management system in accordance with DIN ISO 50001.

Responsible environmental management integrated in all operations

Air purity, noise reduction and waste recycling measures are integral to our environmental management approach. At Druckguss Westfalen Behringer, resource and energy efficiency are not greenwashing, they are a key priority.